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Yoga & Meditation

“Get out of your mind!”  Meditation  Teachings

The majority of people live their lives not being even aware that they are not present.

Ah yes, meditation, the cessation of thoughts, is not quite as easy as it seems. My teaching starts with the breath, and bringing your awareness within. When we focus on our breath, the practice of “cessation of thought” can happen. We begin to ground ourselves and be fully present in, and to, the moment.

Try closing your eyes and focus gently on your breath for a few moments. Then slowly open your eyes. What do you notice?

When we are fully present there is an aliveness within, and a feeling of connectedness to everyone and everything!

About Yoga

The practice of Yoga originated in India 5ooo years ago. Translated in Sanskrit as ‘union’. This union implies the union of the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga brings the mind, body, and spirit together, creating inner peace and balance. When we are on our mat, we explore mindfulness, strength, flexibility, and balance. We then bring these qualities/aspects off the mat off the matt and into our daily lives. This gives rise to clarity and increased awareness in all areas of our life, and we being to live life effortlessly. Yoga is a lifestyle – living in the present moment; uniting the mind, body, and spirit as one.

Feel the benefits that Yoga brings to you every day!

The benefits of practicing yoga

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduced stress
  • Better sleep
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Joy
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

Yoga is accessible to everybody and every body. Through Pranayama (breathwork), Asanas (postures), and meditation, we gain the tools to unify the mind, body, and spirit.


“Seeing each other as a reflection of ourselves allows for compassion and that we are all connected.”


Yoga and Meditation in Coquitlam and Port Moody

Fabbian teaches yoga at Oasis Wellness Center in Coquitlam.  For private or group classes please contact Fabbian at

About Fabbian’s Yoga Training

  • Certified 300 hour yoga instructor from Langara College.
  • Yin Yoga Certification with Lauren Roegele
  • Trained with very well known teachers such as Madhuri Phillips, Anuradha, and Naseem Gulamhusein.
  • Training with Yogrishi Vishvketu at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in India.
  • Also, attended workshops with Laurie Lucas, Padma Yvonne Jaques, and Swami Maheshananda Saraswati.

PIECE of MIND Package:

Private YOGA & MEDITATION instruction (perfect for beginners or with some experience)

1 hr 15 min   $ 85  ($15 travel fee may apply)

For more information or to book a yoga session, please contact Fabbian.


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