Fabbian has an empathetic heart and a wonderful healing touch. My experience under her care was very comfortable and refreshing. I highly recommend her services.


Fabbian is a natural healer making me feel comfortable and at ease right away. I was able to let go and trust in the process of becoming a balanced and healthier me.


Anna is an open-hearted and receptive therapist. She has a unique gift for bringing me to a state of such deep relaxation, where all healing takes place. Our sessions are part counseling and part energy healing; an holistic approach that serves both my physical and emotional well-being. I always leave her studio feeling calm and balanced.


Fabbian is a warm, friendly, open mindedness and knowledgeable therapist. Her ability to connect with her client, the respect she showed them and her talents at sensing is truly superior. Her dedication, patience and most of all her professionalism– I can only say it is a pleasure to have Fabbian as my therapist.
A grateful client

Suzanne Duclos

Energy healing