Holistic Healing at the Fullness of Being Coquitlam and Port Moody BC


 The Fullness of Being

Holistic Healing Services :

  • Integrative Energy Healing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Holistic Bodywork/Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Accredited Chakradance™ Facilitator

Holistic Healing offerings available in Port moody  & Coquitlam

For On-site inquiries, Pls contact Fabbian at fabbiana@gmail.com

You are more than just your physical body! Your mind, emotions, and soul Metaphorically speaking, your mind, emotions, and soul, have their own subtle bodies. They can affect your aura and how people around you feel. These bodies are separate yet interconnected to your physical body.

Starting at a young age, conditioning from our parents, the society we live in, our belief systems, as well as any trauma or negative experiences we have all become a part of how we perceive ourselves. We carry this heavy load with us into adulthood whether we realize it or not. We may have suppressed our feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and resentment, in order to cope with life.

In everyday life, we are constantly exposed to situations that overwhelm and stress not just our bodies, but also our overall energy system.

When we suppress our true state – either with awareness or without – it creates a blockage to our energy field. When these blockages are held in our energetic body and we don’t release them,  the negative emotions, over time, will manifest in our physical body as dis-ease .

Energy healing with Fabbian allows you to experience a fullness of being, where all of your being is in harmony and balance, and you can fully manifest your light.


About Fabbian


Fabbian (CIEHP and CYTT) is an energy healer and a graduate of IEH (Integrative Energy Healing) Program at Langara College. She is also a hatha yoga teacher (300 hours) from Langara College. The program connects ancient Eastern & Western teachings, including scientific advances in a transformational approach to creating health and preventing disease. Studies include Energy Medicine, Holistic Bodywork, Healing Science, Energy Awareness, Transformational Communication and Medical Qigong. To learn more about Fabbian, read her bio.

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